On The Cusp Of Charisma

Toward the Bounce In One's Step

Who appreciates ugliness in any form?
No one does. It is beauty we all want to see.
Well made objects and people who glow like the sun
Are all pleasures in life that no sane one would shun.
Charisma is magnetic. It’s healthy to be
In the comfort of company blessed and warm.

Sometimes I cannot look well nor feel fine inside.
Between inside and outside there is middle ground
Where the two can exchange paths and instantly find
Empathy in reclusion with brightness of mind.
In that magical moment charisma is found
Where the wisdom within one will shine with great pride.

They are not mirror images as it is seen
By the real world with limited pointless of view.
Yet, they are seen by consciousness. This is the fact
In both spirit and physical. Here we enact
How we all are connected. In nowhere we knew.
So can I beam like sunshine? That would not be mean.

Every day is a new day. The choice is my own.
Should I dream about ecstasy or gloom and doom?
Dreaming both inter-mixed well may be the relief
That the self should accept because this life is brief.
All within the encounter there’s not enough room.
I rejoice in the goodness that I may have shown.

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