New Horizons

Need for Change

As the artist whose color will make the sky glow
Gives a unique translation, good craftsmen are we
Of the real world apparent to our sense of taste.
We’ve perfected the aesthetic for toxic waste.
The surreal is artistic. The challenge to see
What may lie far beyond it will cause me to grow.

Breaking free of what I see throughout every day
Always is therapeutic. That which I consume
Should provide entertainment, a bit of relief,
And the lifting of spirit from relative grief.
It does no good to contemplate ways of our doom.
Things will be as they’re meant to. We only can pray.

Focus is on expanding the world that I know.
Replicating the raw one, this one I control
Independent of influence from outer space
Which includes all things physical. In its embrace
New Horizons become more aware to my soul.
This one life does have meaning, and it need not show.

But it’s good when it happens. To know I’m alive
Is benign confirmation in what is well known
To the conscious collective. We bargain on hope
That our vision gets better. The human-made scope
Sees beyond what is now, thereby wisdom is shown.
Any change in behavior may help us survive.

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