Nature is Natural

A young Galapagos sea lion approaches Enric Sala's camera curiousy off Santa Cruz Island. (Photo credit: Enric Sala)

Nature is to me natural. Why call it wild?
I consume what I need just as all living things.
That’s except for you humans who’ve covered the land
And take more than you need by increasing demand
And where most live like paupers and few live like kings.
That which I would call wild is the race who’s defiled.

Never mind your grand wars and your carbon footprint.
One can witness your savagery in many ways.
And it’s not that I fear you’ll take over the sea.
You’re too focused, dear humans, in finding some key
To ‘unlocking’ what’s natural throughout your days
While ignoring what could be your most favored hint.

I’m not wild, silly humans. I live in sweet bliss
Under currents that take me where I need to go.
Every once in a while, I come up for fresh air.
I would say to you humans that I’m more aware
Of what’s wild and not wild. You could venture to know.
Get your thinking in order. Your terms are amiss.

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