My Physical Wholeness Is Only One Good Thought Away, The Magic Realist, Magic Realism

Life’s a good morning stretch and fresh veggies to munch.
I am whole and complete in the moment my mood
Reaches synergy with all that matters to me.
I’m a picture of wholeness whenever I see
I’ve tremendous momentum of life force accrued.
I am one thought away from the next perfect hunch.

I could have every ailment that’s known to mankind
Come afflict me today as I work and then play.
I can know when I am thinking thoughts that feel good
So that any tomorrow can feel as it should.
My good thoughts help keep physical illness at bay.
This can also be so for disease of the mind.

I don’t give much attention to things I don’t want.
This is wholesome advice and the key to good health.
When it does not feel good, I turn my head away.
There are many things elsewhere to brighten my day.
I’m immersed in wellbeing. I wallow in wealth.
My most heartfelt discernment is my confidant.

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