My Happiness Is My Gift to All

To others the greatest of gifts I can give
Is my happiness. Not that I have other things.
There are gifts that I give that have value to some
But the gift that is lasting is when I become
Mostly happy and joyful about what life brings.
Am I happy toward others? That’s how I should live.

I do seek joy selfishly. It’s the best way
To develop discernment in going about
Meeting others and caring about how they feel.
In releasing resistance my whole life can heal.
When I meet folks I want there to be not a doubt
That my motive is hearing what they have to say.

I must be in my joy or else I cannot be
Of assistance to anyone – not any way.
What I’m offering graciously is part of me.
Now, if I’m in a bad mood, it’s easy to see
That I’m out of alignment until the new day.
Mostly, though, I’m a present who’s offered for free.

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