Making Discoveries

Productive Collaberation

We were born to make changes to things as they are.
It’s the way of evolving to that which is more
Than is presently possible. We take delight
In uncovering mysteries using insight
To decipher existence and what’s at its core.
Through experimentation, the heart reaches far.

I may seem a bit quirky, yet I am unique.
Not a crowd do I follow to get to my goal
For their efforts serve only to further their cause
Which is not mine, exactly. I seek no applause
As my work does fulfill me and render me whole
Even though it’s a wholeness that’s somewhat oblique.

Measured is the excitement missing in routine
That cannot have a purpose. Discoveries made
Through a series of moments, the heart records well.
Living is art and science. At both I excel
When within all the lab work my truth is conveyed.
Through contented commitment most breakthroughs are seen.

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