Made Sacred

Preserved In Perfection

The immortal archetypal reality
That perfect dedication to life must reveal
Displays wings of bright colors. Bodies pinned by darts,
What remains is the knowledge that killing imparts.
From the ocean of potential comes the ideal
Differentiation into that which shall be.

Sacred is the autumnal. It’s change is grotesque
In its confounded elegance, as it’s perceived.
Natural preservation The Season performs.
Human intellect masters the elusive swarms
Of its answers to questions. The goal, once achieved,
Is a tacky collection to sit on some desk.

 Self-assertion decreases in momentum when
The most colorful Season the cycle contains
Calls for forming collectives and strengthening bonds.
What we learn, when Made Sacred, the spirit responds
By becoming enlightened and loosening chains
That have been kept tight ever since Satan was ten.

What is fixed in perfection becomes then more whole.
The process is completion and moving ahead
Through the next cyclic phases. The instants left free
Will provide ample contrast the soul needs to see.
Life reaches full perfection before being dead.
 While alive the enormity evades control.

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