Learn To Be Alone

Perfect Solitude

Alone time increases empathy. When you spend
Time with your circle of friends, you may get into
A ‘we versus them’ kind of a mentality.
Spending time alone truly will help you to be
More compassionate with all other people who
Aren’t in your inner circle. To all you’re a friend.

Solitude can increase your productivity.
There’s a reason why lots of authors and artists
Want to live in log cabins far out in the woods.
They can see that nature can deliver the goods.
Inspiration comes from everything that exists.
From the chatter of others you set yourself free.

People are social creatures, and it’s important
In our lives to have strong connections with others.
But it’s also important to spend time alone.
Of the many studies conducted, all have shown
That an increase in life satisfaction occurs
When you take time to be alone. Don’t say you can’t.

Simply sit and do nothing but take in the air.
The mind’s chatter will gradually dissipate.
For a day or so, stay completely out of touch.
Everyone will respect that you’re caring this much
About your health, which cannot be up for debate.
Of yourself you become much more deeply aware.

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