Kind And Confident Heart

Mind Exalted By Heart

To all things there’s a season… I’ve heard that somewhere…
From The Byrds or the bible. I don’t recall which
But it doesn’t much matter. This day treats me well.
There are good and bad times and those of utter hell.
I should care that my mood is an on-and-off switch
And that life is an energy circuit affair.

Talk about your heart chakra… A Fountain is mine!
Rainbow colors and those that most times I can’t see
Overflow with such brilliance. The mind needs to chill
So the heart can recover, and nerves can be still.
When I’m well I show others how kind I can be.
I’ve a nurturing spirit when I’m feeling fine.

Energy is expansive and must find its way
To its destined releasing. Mine is to be free,
Not of difficult seasons I know that must come,
But of overreacting and then feeling glum.
I’ll remain optimistic as long as I see
There are cycles contingent that color each day.

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