Just Terrified of the Life Review

Just Terrified of the Life Review

I do not fear not being for how would I know
That I can’t know a thing – not even not being?
With no recall of life having ever been lived
All the deeds that we’re doing must then be forgiv’d.
Nonexistence is futile. There’s no disagreeing
Unless not to be is a good way to grow.

I do not mind dying, and I might as well not
Since death is a thing that will happen to us all.
I would much rather go in my sleep just the same.
To perish in a mishap would carry no blame.
If by sickness its quickness will strengthen its call
But it’s not that I think about death quite a lot.

No, not even the afterlife worries me none
If there is a place where we can all reunite.
The only thing that consumes me with terror
Are acts I committed while living in error
All displayed before me in the brightest of light.
I’m remorseful for some of the things that I’ve done.

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