Just Because


Behold the wonder within their eyes.
There’s nothing so short of God’s blessed time
Splashing about in a world who’s at play.
I’ve but to thank you for making my day.
As image becometh a terse nursery rhyme
They enter the heart of whatever size.

Do giggle upon me and tell me some more
Of God’s funny faces and magic tricks.
Is He still big on banana cream snow?
Can manna from heaven still reach us below?
‘So many questions, though not asked for kicks.
But for now it’s your world to partake and explore.

A wash is as nestled as needle in hay.
Rubber duckies aweigh and a kiss for good luck.
This new world that you’ve come to can always be fun.
If reality’s shown you, I won’t be the one
To burst any bubbles or cast dreams amuck.
It is God who adores you, come whatever may.

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