Joy Is a Goal We Are ALL Working Toward

Simple joy is the goal that we’re all working toward.
It’s the reason we do anything that we do.
It’s the basis of love and for finding things out.
It’s the reason that with lofty dreams we’re devout.
What we think will bring joy is what leads us all through
Bouts of painstaking diligence toward our reward.

It may seem that’s not so often times when we’re not
In alignment and open to be, have and do
Anything we desire no matter how grand.
And it takes some adjusting to well understand
How our thinking and feeling can offer a clue
To achieving our dreams that cannot be forgot.

We perceive joy uniquely – each in one’s own way.
Whether knowing or not where our motives lead to,
We are working toward joy every step of the way.
We each recognize this when we’re willing to play
In accordance with what makes the heart sing anew.
We all work toward the same goal each and every day.

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