I Can Relax into Natural Wellbeing


It’s a time to relax among those of like mind.
I can do that wholeheartedly without the need
For someone to tell me that I should find the time
To detach from life’s turmoil and thick psychic slime.
I am not meant to travel through life at high speed.
I must temper my pace to one that is more kind.

The full essence of all I appreciate, now,
And flows constantly through me, as I remain still,
Will create my reality fresh from the start.
I can bless my awareness that I’m taking part
In engaging my own stretch by gift of free will.
Life’s abundance depends on how much I allow.

I can find things to cheer about. Surely, I must.
I was made to appreciate all that God made.
Would a good God have made anything that is bad?
That’s a pregnant misnomer that could drive one mad.
I make peace with my path and accept how it’s laid.
One big lesson in living is learning to trust.

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