I Came As A Creator


I am one with the canvas and paint that I use,
As with palette and brush, and my own unique style.
I intended to be here to do what I do.
I believe that the universe helps me with who
I’m creating. That’s Me! And I’m here for a while.
Since I am a creator, I’ve nothing to lose.

The whole world is vibrational? That’s hard to sense
On the onset. Things seem to be solid and ‘real.’
It is fact: What is unseen becomes what is seen.
This is true, most of all, with the cosmic machine.
I can know what is real by the way that I feel
All ethereal things and all things that are dense.

I am born of vibration. My senses detect
Things like texture and color. I sometimes pretend
That what cannot be seen surely cannot exist.
Though I harbor scant truth there, the bulk is dismissed.
I am here to create what is real, and I spend
Most my moments creating – much out of respect.

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