How The Matter Is Treated

The Matter of Mind

One whole mind over matter divided by heart
Equals clarity, peace and a spirit of love.
Infinite are the pieces that I try to fit
Into that which is not a container. Though it
Is confined to the finite and limits thereof,
I can give up the struggle and see a new start.

For a bit of an instant this flesh form I take.
I become the reflection of all that I see.
A big screen is before me. Upon it appears
Massive configurations of hopes, dreams and fears.
This unprovable vision is reality
For all intents and purposes and goodness sake.

How The Matter Is Treated is all up to me.
Advice can come from many. The best is from Source
Which is found in the moment of quiet when all
That is too much to handle can seem rather small.
There’s no harm to my ego if love I endorse.
Matter comes forth from spirit, and that is the key.

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