High In My Balloon

Colorful Sky

The subconscious, when active, is filled with hot air
That expands the container and offers a lift
To the heart become heavy and laden with lack.
Feeling oddly, emotions cannot hold me back
From attainment of height. This strange mood is a gift
Of ethereal substance far beyond compare.

There’s potential for danger. I’m more open to
Outside energies and influences quite strong
Moving me to wherever. The air has its way.
While adrift, I’ll maneuver as if hard at play.
There may be some deception. The ride could go wrong
But it’s part of a process that I must go through.

Fantasies are fulfilling while playing their role.
They enforce demarcation between altitudes
That are higher and lower. Supporting the need
For the kind of upliftment where spirit is freed,
Lofty dreams are the essence of brief interludes
With the heart of eternity’s infinite soul.

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