Help Finding Home

A wise friend to the one who is lost

Lost from home in this ocean and not to be found
By members of my family nor all my friends,
I’m engaged in adventure, though it scares me some.
But there are wise and friendly ones to get help from.
Were there not such fine creatures whose kindness transcends
Selfishness, I’d be hopeless and misery bound.

I’m encouraged by now to keep my spirits high.
I’m determined to do all that I have to do
With a freshness of bravery and with new hope
That I’ll succeed assuredly if I can cope.
I will not give up trying. Wisdom I’ll accrue
On my way through this journey that I dignify.

Trust and friendship are golden as is family.
Lessons learned are a blessing. Within them are taught
What it means to be helpful to those who we meet.
We all share the same water. It’s best that we treat
One another in kindness with no payment sought.
Through the acts of others spirit helps me to see.

I seek my independence supported by those
Who I offer the same to in their freedom quest.
Life is ripe with adventure, yet if I get lost
I receive help abundantly without exhaust.
It’s refreshing to know that all needs are addressed
Well before they’re apparent. The wise spirit knows.

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