Guess Who Won’t Stay For Dinner

Righteous Non-Invitation

Have your maid take the day off. Yourselves you can feed.
To self-examination that’s long overdue
She has made a commitment. Her spirit must grow
Past apparent illusion. Herself she must know
As a part of creation not meant for the few
But for all the world’s populous. Great is her need.

Don’t rely on your house guest to stay for the meal.
Though he has scored the greatest points among his kind
And all people in general, still there’s no place
At your bountiful table. Before you say grace
Take a look at who’s missing wherein you will find
Many people much less than with whom you can’t deal.

No proposed invitation to those who are poor
And without education and not of your race
And whose lives aren’t spectacular can be allowed
To ensure your complacency. All must be proud
To commune and be with you. Your warmest embrace
Is reserved not for all who may come to your door.

What’s it like to be human for those who are not
Fully part of the kingdom? Who would want to ask?
How ideal is a movie script from long ago
With regard to reality? Some few may know
And for others in these times who wear the face mask
It’s a mark of distinction our species has caught.

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