Gifts To Share Today

Intangible Offerings

Intrinsic are the priceless treasures of your soul.
You can give them out freely with no depletion
Of the infinite energy that flows through you.
People are uplifted by the things that you do,
But you know it’s not all about what you have done.
It’s about who you are that can make others whole.

The gift of listening without interruption,
No daydreaming, or planning the next thing to say
 Is one that is worth mentioning. It makes folks feel
That you are engaged with them and that you’re for real.
You are enlightened by the attention you pay
And this one single act pays off in the long run.

You can give folks affection with hugs and kisses,
Pats on the back or simply by holding their hand.
Your humor is another thing that you can share.
Laughter is a language that’s spoken everywhere.
It breaks down barriers so the heart may expand.
It is one of the most tangible of blisses.

Compliment people for everything that they do.
A simple and sincere, “You did a super job,”
Gets them feeling terrific. Your disposition
Is a valuable asset. The solution
For loneliness is to get yourself to hobnob
With those who will help you to find your true value.

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