Fun And Joy

Familial Bliss

Filled with pleasure and laughter, the moments we share
With the fruits of our most precious dreams reassure
That the blessings in life are more easy to find
With a lighthearted nature. We all are inclined
To express in our playfulness that which is pure.
Recreation in love is a family affair.

If the thought of attention grows into a need
Then enough time has passed for the action to call
What is closest to nature to light up the soul.
Doing what is most joyful will make oneself whole.
Any play worth the game will both soothe and enthrall.
All the world is a toy when the spirit is freed.

Celebrating high spirits, I’m vital and strong.
I’ll develop my creative prowess in tune
With the song of fulfillment that rings through my heart.
Hearts are interconnected and all are a part
Of a system that could keep us all quite immune
To disease, self-destruction and much that is wrong.

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