Following Through

Vision of a New Direction

There is no new direction if none can be seen
Where consciousness is facing. My focus works well
Only when it is aimed by omnipotent view.
It can happen most frequently. All I must do
Is be guided by spirit. When so I can tell
By the feeling of lightness. My vision is keen.

I’m alive with self-confidence. Life is a breeze
At high speed on this highway. Caution I must take.
All time is an abstraction of eternity
And the notion of motion is most certainly
An illusion we’re stuck with. Although it is fake
It’s explained well by science. No one disagrees.

When to mitigate danger always will be now.
In the present eternal, time can be made still

So that passage of such is like dust in the air
To blend into the nothingness vacant of care.
Though my Following Through is a part of my will
Spirit remains my main source. I do but allow.

Courage goes well with challenge. An elegant pair,
They dance hand in hand gracefully without a flaw.
Suddenly something happens. I must readjust.
I have faith in my spirit so in it I trust.
Reconciling one’s evil can be none but raw.
But it is what the soul needs. What moves me to share?

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