Fleeing One’s Cage

Bored of Routine

If the cage is the body, then being set free
Means releasing completely all ties to the earth
And returning to spirit. It also can mean
Getting rid of old patterns and making things clean
In the mind and surroundings. What is of least worth
Must be let go of willingly and thoroughly.

As the pet bird is chosen, I enter this world
To examine its structure. The humans I meet
Offer much entertainment. I’d hope I do them.
If there is an imbalance who’s there to condemn
Either party’s injustice? I rise by the heat
Of lofty aspirations of swine as they’re pearled.

I must know all are caged birds. The humans we think
That are running about in and out of our lives
Are perceptive reflections of our higher selves.
With the wisdom of movement the free spirit delves
Into realms of enlightenment wherein it thrives.
Between freedom and bondage there is a strong link.

If my actions surprise me, do they others too?
I’ll assume that they do then judge them from afar
Long before manifesting them. Safe are we all
From the threat of self-slavery through the bird call.
In the midst of illusion, to know who we are

Is the challenge of honor from my higher view.

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