Feeling Peachy No Matter What’s Going On

Feeling Peachy No Matter What's Going On

How people do that is a puzzle to me –
To retain their calm in the midst of a storm.
I’m not too far off track though quite set in my ways
And I can’t say for sure if I’ve seen better days
It makes much more sense to just weather the ‘norm
Doing that, maybe, will set my heart free.

The Law Of Attraction’s a matter of fact!
I know that; I see how it works in my life.
If I pig out on small talk or cable net news
In no time my butt will be singing the blues.
My advice to myself? Stay the hell out of strife
And focus on only how I care to act.

Watch your thoughts,” it is said,
They could lead you astray.”
Not so easy to do, though, if not practiced well
But to know how I feel is the way I can tell.
That’s my thought for today.
That’s how I stay ahead.

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