Fair Exchange

Enjoying Life's Pleassures

I’ll take life as it comes. Almost always it reads
Like a good classic novel. In elegant style
I’m content and benevolent to everyone.
I know nothing except that my life has begun
A brand new course correction. My newfound profile
Is one nestled in comfort and catered-to needs.

Optimistic and charming, I get along well
With resources and others who enter my sphere.
I assess opportunity at my own pace.
Cool, exotic adventure is mine to embrace.
I can make recreation a healthy career.
At jobs involving relaxing, I would excel.

There is nothing more proper and fitting for me
Than to live in magnificence now an again.
Moments are, as time measures them, grossly finite
Such that when we sense lack of them, with all our might
We attempt to secure them for other times when
It would be more convenient and distraction free.

I deserve my alignment. The care that I take
To ensure I remain there is given in grace
By a provident consciousness. I am a part
Of that image – the one of a generous heart.
The exchange is a fair one when I know my place
Within utter contentment prepared for my sake.

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