Enjoy Yourself

Pleasure In Self-Discovery

There’s no law stating strictly that it’s not allowed,
So delve into the wonder only you provide.
Be as if you were born just a few days ago.
Instant gratification comes from a good show
Performed in pure delight with one’s eyes opened wide
To the self in its splendor divinely endowed.

That being is of interest. Who could it be?
If it is my reflection are others the same?
There are so many questions. I’ve no means to ask.
When I’ve had enough input in comfort I’ll bask.
I’m intrigued by my image, and I feel no shame.
Somehow I know that this is how others see me.

I possess a strong presence. I am confident
That I won’t become boring because I feel fine
In this moment exciting. I’ll have many more.
The ongoing discovery I’m going for.
To all eyes I’m a treasure. Charisma is mine
And I have but my true loving self to present.

A nice person I see there. We could get along
Fairly well. I can tell that you like to have fun.
And I know I will visit you from time to time
On that mystical surface of recursive rhyme.
I am pleased to have met you. We now have begun
A duet with a mission to sing nature’s song.

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