Eager For Business

Always Ready and Able

Capable and supportive; intent yet carefree,
Busy beavers are special. They get the job done!
Unexpected rewards come through hard, honest work.
Their innate sense of duty means that they won’t shirk
From the biggest tasks ever. In fact, they have fun
In the business of being who they’re meant to be.

With the focus on one goal at one time alone,
Work is managed efficiently and with finesse.
Others may offer help. He accepts it with grace,
And he’ll reciprocate with a smile on his face.
Anyone he will help who he finds in distress.
His delightfully friendly nature is well known.

He’s at ease around strangers as well as with friends.
And his chosen vocation, seen in high regard,
Is a thing he’s most proud of. It certainly shows
As remarks from the creatures who know him disclose.
Being such a fine gentleman isn’t that hard
When one knows there are spiritual dividends.

A hard worker is wholesome. At one with the earth,
There can be no escaping nature’s providence.
The world has much more meaning, and life is success.
Nothing else but a cartoon begins to express
Basic tenets of living for we shy of sense.
Again, this is my pleasure, for all that I’m worth.

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