Don’t Cut A Deal With God

The last spirit who tried to do business with God
Of a deceptive nature did find himself caught
In a web of entitlement to the top role.
It’s believed that through hatred he aims for his goal
Of complete dissolution of all loving thought.
His personification can’t seem all too odd.

We are of God yet other. How does this work out
If we’re all spirit family with him as dad?
We know parent and child are two separate things
But in spirit we all wear the same angel wings.
Only his are much brighter. He’s supremely clad.
So if I tried to scam him, I’d lose without doubt.

There’s a thing called devotion. It is not a deal
That I make with divinity for things I want.
He knows better what I need and when it should come.
I believe since he made me, I have freedom from
Pondering if my purpose is something to flaunt.
I trust that I’m receiving all that which is real.

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