Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

I Am Not Gone

There are those who will celebrate when I am gone.
It’s a counterfeit justice for them, and to be
Free of bother and focus on such a loser
Is the feeling that most whom I’ve known would prefer
Over being respectful. It matters to me
Only that no untruthful conclusions are drawn.

The people I know here and now, I may suppose,
Will express heartfelt sorrow upon my demise.
To these few I would ask that you not stand and weep
At my grave. I am not there nor am I asleep.
I’m the air you are breathing and all the deep sighs
Of your soul. I know now all of what nature knows.

I’m the faint pulsation of the firefly’s light
In the time before nightfall. I am the rainbow
In every drop of sunlight. I am the unknown
Waiting to be discovered. I am not alone
Finally. I am free to discover and grow.
I’m now in a position to get something right.

Natural is transition from life as we know
Here on this earth to something much more fulfilling.
Look upon me with envy for I’ve returned home
Where life’s angels and fuckups in harmony roam.
I’m not anxious to get there. I’m more than willing
To clean up all my karma here before I go.

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