Do I Make Myself Clear?

Do I make myself clear? What a question to ask
Of someone not even of Christ scientist mind.
I am sorry, Ron Hubbard, this ain’t about you.
My notion of true clarity has much to do
Not with others’ perceptions and mine intertwined
But with certainty my speech performs well its task.

Do I make myself clear? I’m not sure that I do.
Sometimes words escape meaning and thought fades away.
I don’t speak just whatever comes into my mind.
It’s the process of living among humankind
That evokes from within me what then I must say.
Though I seem partly cloudy, my sky’s nothing new.

Any poet who’s ever made home upon earth
Has had many a reason to write through the heart.
Every creature that speaks or lets loose with a cry
Should have something to say that would brighten the eye
Of its bated beholder who’s state of the art
In the skill at perceiving and discerning worth.

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