Critical Point

Nativity of Being

Bursting to culmination new essence is born
Into conscious awareness of what I can do
To maintain full alignment with earth and with sky.
Structures built have been organized not on the fly
To support my belonging so growth may ensue.
To the dictates of nature my actions are sworn.

Knowing nothing of hardship nor feelings of doom,
There’s no thing not of value in finding my place.
My surroundings reflect me in my humble life.
I know not of destruction nor feelings of strife
But I do know of progress and infinite grace.
Only that which is of goodness I must assume.

I’m prepared to move onward to what may occur.
Within structure I’m anchored in rich native earth.
Severe winds of destruction may be my demise.
There is comfort in knowing that everything dies.
Yet, there is no real dying. There’s only rebirth
Through the cycle when I will replant, as it were.

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