Close To As It Seems

Dark Feathered Aloneness

Somewhere loosely called ‘out there’ is what I’m within.
Consciousness is a given. All else is a hope
That all beheld phenomena and beholder
Coexist and communicate as I’d prefer.
What I think I might know has no tangible scope
Nor reason to be offered. To none I am kin.

It’s one piss pocket portrait to paint for no pay.
Unacceptable remains odiferous art
And defects of character among the unknown
Foolishly seeking favor from that which is prone
To its own misperceiving of which I’m a part.
Yet I must remain truthful in my daily way.

No matter how presented, the world has moved on
From this craft that is ancient. No technique have I
To search engine the ocean with. Life that is there
Has no use for my gift. The free will not to care
I accept but with bitterness. I must rely
On the guidance of spirit lest my will begone.

Google Play is an option for those who love games
Rather than checking in on the journey of one
Who offers in the realist of time his true heart.
Perhaps after a good nap I’ll have a fresh start
On a day that can still be delightful and fun.
I will get myself noticed if my name ain’t James!

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