Clear The Negative Core

Let Go Of What Does Not Matter

If you have a desire and believe in it to
The extent that its coming is not in question
Then it will come. The matter is all about trust
In your worthiness, and you may need to adjust
Your vibration a little so that it is one
With the thing that is wanted. This is nothing new.

Core beliefs are vibrations you’ve been offering
For a long enough time that they have attracted
Evidence to support them in reality.
It convinces you that this is how things should be.
If they are negative your life is impacted.
You become weighted by their immense anchoring.

Just because something is true does not mean that it
Deserves your least attention. New criteria
For what you pay attention to is in order.
Logic dictates that you feel as you would prefer.
Everyone need not feed the current dilemma.
Evil feeds on the energy we all transmit.

There are many fine people alive and healthy.
There are also those who are seriously ill.
Both are true statements, but how does each make you feel?
When you become healthy it’s not true that you steal
Wellbeing from another. It is your free will
That accounts for how much of the world you can see.

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