High On Life

I have purpose to live even though I will die
When the time comes. Until then, I’ll keep flying high.
In the heat of confinement my soul is set free
To explore the uncharted adrift in the sea
That my life has created. New methods I’ll try
To maintain my suspension in eternal sky.

I’ll expect unexpected things ought to occur
And in each, opportunity is to be found.
Pleasure in being open to change in routine
Leaves no time left to sulk nor to treat others mean.
Rendered weightless, my spaceship cannot run aground.
There are no expectations that I must prefer.

My possessions release me from earthly concern.
Excellent in their grossness, they’ve played out their role.
Having shown me what’s possible, life is a sage.
I can say that I’m blessed with the wisdom of age.
My illusions of grandeur have ceased their control
Of my freedom of spirit. There’s much less to yearn.

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