Calm And Foresight

Peace With Self

Circumstances befall me, and I must take care
To ensure that I’m safe. Many people I meet
Everyday are delightful, yet some can behave
As if life has no meaning. The things that they crave
Are inadequate clutter for life incomplete.
Of the threat of infection I’m fully aware.

 Having matters work out that do need working out
Is addressed with some caution. I’m tempted to trust
Not only in perceptions but how the gut feels.
Like no other sensation, this keen one reveals
If encounters are shaky or if they’re robust.
All taken into context it leaves one no doubt.

Certain situations play right into my hand.
It does not happen often but often enough
That I’ll try reassessing what I’ve come to know
Hoping that in the long run my spirit will grow
To let go of the fear and much negative stuff.
Life can always get better as I understand.

Receiving recognition for accomplishment
Is a transitive tone of a texture untrue
To the spirit of giving freely from the heart.
I require Calm And Foresight to get a fresh start
By improving and blessing the work that I do.
When it comes to my writing, I do not relent.

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