Big Picture

Desire For Growth And Expansion

Images that are too small can be magnified
To the size most agreeable to my belief
Of how big any picture can possibly be.
Finite imagination cannot let me see
Past the limits of selfhood, and time is now brief
As the Artist of all things has no need for pride.

Energy I still have for the things that move me
In exciting directions. But I must preserve
Some for keeping my focus sharp to the detail
While maintaining the view on the maximum scale
So I’ll see instantly when life throws me a curve.
In my twilight my sight is as clear as can be.

Luck is seemingly likely with infinite view
Of every possibility. Information
Of the insider’s nature would be but a curse
For the mind unrefined. Everything would get worse
As the self without wisdom is hugely undone.
Trees that make up the forest are part of the zoo.

Confidence with charisma and personal drive
Places one in the painting prepared to partake
Of the ever still movement reflected outward.
Seeing leads to believing that searching too hard
For the biggest of picture may lead to heartbreak.
Newer ways I can see things while I’m still alive.

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