A Willingness To Share

Flow of Magic

I don’t have a portfolio. Does one have me
In a mindset of sorrow for not having more?
What boils down to my wealth is the force of my mind.
I can be awfully vicious, but I can be kind
Yet less kinder to those who’d consider me poor.
I maintain strength of spirit. My God would agree.

Spirit knows not my credit score nor does it care
How this flesh makes its living. It knows only growth
Through the lessons life offers and decisions made.
If assuming that life is a game to be played
To make way for abundance, then I shall have both
Mind and money… enough that I’ll willingly share.

In defense of my values possession I take
Of my natural resources. Conflict occurs
When my energy, cast as fine pearls to the swine,
Is thrown back in my face. I need no other sign
That I’m not in a space that my spirit prefers.
What I share is the call to perfect the fair shake.

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