A Truly Selfless Dream

Watered Colors of Life

Dreams are hard to accomplish if making them real
Becomes mostly important. If they’re left alone
To evolve into fantasy, easy they are…
Somewhat like the time when you received your first car.
All it takes is the feeling for dreams to be known
To objective reality. Think how you feel.

If this wisdom I followed myself I would be
In a world of fulfillment much like being dead
To the hell of the physical yet much alive
In the realms of pure spirit. But I must survive
In this real world without seeing it with much dread
And to ponder the dreams of the wise does suit me.

In the ultimate dream I need not to exist
As an entity sharply defined as a part
Of the whole of creation. I am but Aware
With no need for recording all that takes place there
As all there becomes nearness to everyone’s heart.
I may spend this life dreaming. But should I resist?

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