A Thirst For Astonishment

Contemplating a Change of Scenery

Pleasantness in my restlessness gives me some pause.
Enough time in this moment to feel the sunrise
And to digest heaping breaths of energized air
As I’m free contemplating a day without care
Maximizes astonishment. My future lies
On the path of emergence from what I once was.

The surroundings familiar do satisfy me
To the point of survival and getting things done
But they don’t generate enough spark to ignite
My inquisitive spirit that wants to take flight.
I do need some excitement and want to have fun.
I may meet with adventure unexpectedly.

I can’t say that I’m bored. I just want to let loose
With all that I can offer. To see social change
Here and now is all part of God’s infinite plan.
I am given this life so I’ll do what I can
On this journey of spirit. It isn’t so strange
That a moment of insight can be of good use.

Encounters serendipitous lead to breakthroughs
In human understanding that can lead to peace.
If the world is an oyster, can it be a prize?
Revolution in thinking for us may be wise.
In my Thirst For Astonishment I find release
From the tension that ails me. I’ve nothing to lose.

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