A Sense Of Humor

Innocence in Folly

Optimistic and confident is how I feel
When the world snaps a picture. My life is sublime
With a mixture of humor in elegant grace
As the pureness within me is seen on my face.
When I sense the world calling I know it’s showtime.
I am gifted by nature with charm and appeal.

Hidden treasures exist to be easy to find
And to offer the most pleasure to all who see
That we’re all made of stardust… the scientists say.
We can use our own magic to brighten each day.
My day job is a cool one. It’s simply To Be.
If there’s more to be added, then it would be ‘kind.’

Life can tickle me silly, and I’ll let it show.
Through enhanced inspiration, my vision is grand.
Energy is creative and has a soft touch.
If we learn how to feel it, we can attain much.
Our most vivid horizons are made to expand
With a lighthearted nature and spirit aglow.

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