A Satisfying Experience

Consumer Satisfaction

Deeply satisfying experiences are
Worth giving some acknowledgment. Kindness this way,
Will ensure that all future encounters will be
Customer service working most efficiently.
With more freedom and gusto in how people play,
Meaningfulness in living is not so bizarre.

 Personal and important are most of our needs
So the opportunity to make a good sell
Is presented most clearly to all who are sane.
Ignorance of the fact yields mediocre gain.
Sensitive and connected are those who do well
As the cycle of intercourse rightly proceeds.

Attracting abundance is made easier when
Value can be assessed and appreciated
In everything offered. Its rawness of worth
As perceived through my vision is rarified earth
Which can then be transformed into my daily bread.
The occurrence most gracious must happen again.

Each of us is both customer and company.
When we mingle with others we conduct business.
States of heightened expression of love and goodwill
Neutralize disillusionment. We may fulfill
Dreams of unending profit and glowing success
By remembering to be the best we can be.

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