A Reality Experiment


What we can but perceive is a scant few percent
Of the whole of reality, science believes.
So, the ninety some missing, yet meshed with the few,
May suggest we’re important… the universe too.
All the stars that we can see are like scattered leaves
On a vast lawn of darkness seemingly content.

The dark matter, dark energy and other stuff
That the mind cannot fathom yet numbers can prove,
Keep this 3D world going and being so real.
I’m a creature who knows this world because I feel.
When one feels with the mind, one makes energy move.
The Great Whole will deliver ‘til one’s had enough.

This toe dip into consciousness is brought to us
By the ones we can’t see now because we are here
In this space within non-space and time within time.
Was I sent here because I’ve committed some crime?
I came much by my own will to navigate fear.
When I feel satisfaction, I’ve much to discuss.

Everything is of spirit. No substance is real.
All we know is of consciousness and nothing more.
All was thought into being and is kept in place
By the thoughts of the whole of us that we embrace.
This world is an illusion. Do we know what for?
In our spiritual growth, we must learn how to feel.

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