A Pleasure Trip

The Unusual Vacation

Foreign lands I know not of exist in the dreams
That I have yet to. So how could they then come true?
They need not be as real as the life that I face
While at home in the earth though it’s not my birthplace.
All things stranger than normal compete for my view
And my journey of pleasure is needless of schemes.

Artistic in its nature, the world at its worst
Inside out and reflected in dark matter well
Enough to seem quite real, all is meant to explore.
I can’t stand heavy sanded gazing from ashore
To that mystical somewhere apart from this hell.
I need no motivation nor am I coerced.

Do I want an encounter a third of some kind
Complete with all the drama that others so crave?
All that has been conceived of and all that could be
Is below anything that would satisfy me.
What is truly unknown is the quest of the brave…
Not that I’m all that daring; I’m just damned resigned.

Consciousness worth expanding must also deserve
The freedom of expressing its heartfelt desire.
Never should it be thwarted. It is the release
That fulfills the adventure and brings about peace.
And through self-exploration it can be made higher.
We are not meant to simply kick back and observe.

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