A Nice Way To Feel

Extreme Contentment

I feel that I’ve accomplished something this morning.
I’ve always been trying things and watching outcomes
And I have been getting better in my results.
It would seem I’m a lot saner than most adults.
Happiness is my life. I beat only those drums
That enthrall and excite me more than anything.

When I woke this morning, I felt that I was me.
I don’t think I’ve felt quite this way ever before.
As it lasted for hours, I was wide awake
And not thinking about anything. What I make
Of this realization is that I am more
Than I am. I’m not separate from all that be.

I’m so grateful that I can express how I feel.
Now that I know that feeling, I know perfect peace.
I am just so comfortable with everything
And the realization continues to bring
Moments of deep contentment along with release
Of those patterns of thinking that are not ideal.

I’m still working it out, but I’ve finally found
What I’m looking for and my connection as well.
I’ve consulted the world, and it is fine with me.
I’ve a new sense of pride because I’m completely
In a world of near ecstasy, if you can’t tell.
My guiding star emotion is pure when unbound.

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