A New Tack

Navagational Preparedness

Liberation from duty is not what I seek
But a further direction elusive to plot
On the map of this small world. My sight is aimed far
Past all distant horizons and last shining star.
When my soul meets alignment with what it has sought
I will rarely be caught with my ship up a creek.

Pure rebellion flows through me. I’ll fight tooth and nail
To disrupt any unwanted authority
That may try to control how I sail in this pond.
Rather than sending them to the next word beyond
I would wish only someday that they’d all agree
That our lives are significant on the grand scale.

I can make course correction through trusted insight
Notwithstanding harsh weather with turbulent seas.
Needing to be authentic in finding my way
Through unspeakable darkness, there’s much I would say
For the sake of rebellion. I’ll do as I please.
I’m not one who opposes a fair righteous fight.

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