A Commanding Presence

The Power of Being

The exotic adventure conceived of the soul
That takes form in the gruffness that makes up the mask
He must wear for survival is what he lives for.
Abrasive yet distinctive, resourceful, and more,
It’s his dream he is after. The ultimate task
Is to find hidden treasure that he can control.

But what may be of value, to some, may be waste.
In the hands of each holder no two are the same.
“Cherished dreams are attainable if I am strong!”
…Leads to frequent hardheadedness, yet doing wrong

Is not part of his nature. At times he is tame
And can show warm emotion, often humor laced.

When the path needs a change due to straying off course,
What it takes is someone who can get to the heart
Of the beast and the matter. Once this has been done,
Positive transformation has truly begun.
Sacrifices and choices remain a big part
Of the life path selected and that we endorse.

Protected in the comfort of cunning and greed,
With the stereotypical image self-made
Of a powerful presence, he honors his charm.
To the ones that he cares for he cannot do harm.
Capable as a leader in any crusade,
He’s a figure of passion and will to proceed.

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