A Close Look


From demands of the world, in the soul’s private place,
I have but to accomplish the comfort I seek
On the way to some healing. I value the need
To reveal what’s been hidden that I may proceed
Through unknown hibernation. Obliged to critique
What I’ve built up around me, I’ve myself to face.

At the twilight of midnight in some danger zone
Fear may be more than prevalent than close to home.
But it’s truly unknown. An invisible force
Maximizes uncertainty… and fear, of course.
Within crafted enigma my spirit doth roam
With eyes deep-rooted into all that can be known.

What is known is that nothing is firm except change.
Yet it’s hard to remember when strength to the knees
Disappears in an instant because of ill news
Of an infectious nature. This one is no ruse
But a rampant reminder that we can’t appease
But through worldwide commitment. This isn’t so strange.

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