Your Sweetest Self

Enhanced Charm And Creativity

Creative camaraderie with friends and those
Who are closest to my heart is one special peace
That I know is forthcoming if I bless this day
With indignant humility. And as I pray,
May the problems of yesterday find their release
From my newly born spirit. My true nature shows.

The precise weight of stillness I fully embrace.
Tolerance is serenity; pleasure is ease
When I’m feeling less pressure to be who I am
And less subject to seeing my life as a sham.
That I have much to offer, my world clearly sees.
I appear to more people more cut to the chase.

Everyone is an ally when I’m at my best.
Feeling much more magnetic no problem have I
That I can’t get support for. The power I feel
Is the strength within kindness. This time is ideal
For renewing relationships that have gone dry.
All I need is to know that my life is well blessed.

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