Don’t Ever Work Hard

Ease Is The Best Way

What’s the difference between hard work and hard play?
This question is important. Whole generations
Of people worldwide are making a big mistake
About how to approach life. Their minds are opaque
To the notion of ease, and their sharp opinions
Are the cause of them living in utter dismay.

If you work, how should you work? The world says, “Work Hard!
And you must study harder to keep up the pace
All the time. Your hard work is the way you survive.
There’s a rock and a hard place, and while you’re alive,
You are anchored between them. Endure the rat race.”

In this way the life purpose can get somewhat scarred.

“Why no work joyfully?”, someone has dared to ask.
“Why don’t they tell you that you can work lovingly?”
These are fair enough questions to open the mind
To where certain attitudes can be redefined.
The way it’s always been is not how it should be.
Can you be delighted while performing the task?

How you feel is the single most important thing
To consider. There’s substantial medical and
Scientific evidence to prove that your brain
And your body work best with the least bit of strain.
Do your work in a pleasant state, then you command
Everything in your world. Contentment this will bring.

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