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The Magic Realist

A famous figment of life suggests, with rather odd and cavalier blitheness, that there exists in subspace a mighty spinning blade of some sort and that a standard fell substance is randomly hurled towards its center, thus flung in all directions from it, often at extreme velocity.  Am I then to assume that this phenomenon and I share the same spatial and temporal flux in such a way that I or my agenda in the moment may be seriously harmed within the envelope of the supposed event horizon – or anywhere for that matter?  One will readily accept that life certainly happens, but is that sufficient cause to engage hog wild in unnatural acts with ideas and other expressions of conceptual kinkiness?  Were we creatures of another species, we might well be suspicious of most things coming from above, to include raindrops, divine guidance and inspirational fruit!

As I tumble backwards through self – a plasma torus in the deepest of deep space – there are questions I seem desperately to need answered.  As I continue to emerge from the shock of having come into being, why, pray tell, need anything exist, least of all this wretched speck of me – adrift in a vastness, humbled and yearning?  What sends me so asunder that it aches my soul to breathe but a wisp of hope?  Could it be that I’ve merely heard ‘the news?’  My, what a lame assed confection!  All I really need to do is to turn the damned thing off… unplug it – pawn it or pay someone to have it removed, rancid bowl of black water that it’s been in the midst of my sacred quarters.

Even with the livingroom’s inverse neural apheresis commode detached from service, I stand the ranting and scolding of all those paragons of spirit, health and goodness who spew disdain for all the gluten, sugar, un-raw milk, and whatever else I’ve consumed since near infancy, yet hadn’t evolved a problem until the coming of this new age, and coincident to my newest ears.  Indeed, when the earth’s population is reduced to about a billion – through natural disaster, the second erection, or whatever – there may very well be sufficient quantities of certified elk antler velvet extract to go around!

Within the torrent of ‘information’ whirling out of control seemingly throughout all available atmospheres of relative being, a colorful expletive pierces my consciousness and flees the magnetic container of privacy.  It is one that is generally indicative of my personal assessment of all the recklessly declarative matter, and more specifically so of the anticipation of momentary loss of control of excretory function upon externally induced realization of impending doom.  Yet, a calmer, stiller, deeper voice from within whispers blatantly, ‘Wind your watch, friend!’  Petrified, and with a dull aching sensation centered about the solar plexus, I am powerless to make a choice – or to act upon it.  Urgency seems to be the pervading theme and the expected accompaniment to the administration of larger scale psychic terror.  It would seem that, at least for intervals of millisecond duration, hell hath no theory like a human born!  Although I’m not Sartre or Kafka, I am at times dangerously closely in touch with their consuming despair.

In the midst of a storm, one generally dons protection from the element… and in war, a shield from enemy fire.  But in the most basic of spiritual algorithms, ego and spirit are in a constant dance of debate over issues of duality and negativity.  If spirit emerges the ‘victor,’ then one must come to the conclusion that there is indeed good news and that it is absolutely non-reliant upon ‘external’ theater, and eternally impervious to it.  I recall when I was younger, always fiercely toiling for some essence of material gain and faltering frequently in the face of falsely fathomed failure.  When someone wiser would suggest I be grateful for even having the health and fuel to toil, I’d usually brew resentment with the zeal and the consciousness of a rugged commercial grade cappuccino maker, thus indulging exaltation of behavior already unbecoming.  Time and my past teachers have, however, helped me to sculpt an alternative understanding of the clay of life.    

I did awake this morning to not a perfectly sunny day, yet the robins were chirping, and the fresh air was crisp with a hint of cherry blossom.  I can effortlessly fill my lungs to capacity.  I can jump to the day knowing that I have big dreams, that I deserve nothing but the best, and that all conscious throughout everywhere is in full support of my day as I am with everyone else’s.  This alone is sufficient, and as it should be.  Life is ON!  Things of significance and value outside the trance of the tube and all popular parlance and palaver are intransitive, non-linear and intangible.  They include the memories of my feeling very much on top of the world vice the reverse, and in the twilight, it’s become evident that hell can in fact be other people, but only if I am as well.

Wooden Guitar

Whenever the self is restless and thinks it needs some  kind of input or entertainment, I’ve found that I can take it outside and connect it to the earth in some way – through friends or just by digging my naked toes into the fresh earth and contacting a tree with my hands.  I may look ridiculous to others, but as ‘Abraham’ would probably say, “Who gives a rip?”  This Mother – our Earth – is a spiritual place in that it is of divine design and made for a spiritual purpose.  It is filled with riches… precious gems and metals, minerals, water, atmosphere, crystals, plant and animal life in infinite variety and habitat.  The very force that glows at Her center is the same as that which animates your organs – the same as which brought the cosmos into being and which orchestrates its drama.  How could a force so awesome restrict itself to singular consciousness?  Might we be the very method the Almighty chooses to consummate experience?

Each of us is a vital piece in the grand puzzle of existence.  We are each magnificent and unique in our abilities and talents to share with the entirety of being.  It is in everyone’s best interest that you see your value – that you see each day growing more toward the super self that you were born to be.  Let yourself feel like royalty today.  As you walk down the street, and everywhere you go, feel and know that you are priceless not only to yourself and those who know and love you, but to all life… all being….

Many who are way more qualified than I have pointed out that staying constantly in tune with all the negative hype and hysteria polluting the electromagnetic spectrum – or any source of negative energy – doesn’t really do one a hell of a lot of good – even in just having the information.   However, the person most qualified to make that determination is YOU! 


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