My Bitch Did It!

I would think every man has his very own bitch…
One to act as a scapegoat when something goes wrong.
Let her handle the piggy bank, then give her blame
When you’re both caught red-handed. Since shame is the game,
Then perhaps behind bars is where you both belong.
Those who won’t act like leaders just want to act rich.

I will tell you my bitch did it. That’s my defense.
I’ve prepared a definitive statement to that.
We’re all pigs in fine clothing. My bitch, as you see,
Is prepared to take heat and exonerate me.
She’ll take mud fairly well. She’s an awesome doormat.
When we get behind closed doors, things might get intense.

It’s that bitch that you gave me, God. She’s not your best.
Why would you dare to curse me for telling you so?
Every pimp on the planet will eat of that tree.
Both of you were well tempted, you have to agree.
When the garden betrays you, then where will you go?
The lawmaker in you leaves me not too impressed.

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